Why Stackk?

Stackk offers Managed WordPress with Integrated Marketing Suite so that you can focus on your content and marketing rather than setting up your software. With Stackk, you don’t need expensive customizations and a million plugins to get your content and marketing right. Stackk has all the features you would dream in a Marketing Suite working seamlessly with your WordPress and out of the box.  Why use plain vanilla WordPress when you can use Stackk and supercharge your WordPress site?

Stackk is architected to be secure at multiple levels (SSL, WordPress security, AWS security, and Automated Backups), so you and your customers can be assured about data safety. We have built Stackk keeping your growing business in mind. Stackk grows with your business and scales automatically.

Stackk comes with powerful SEO and Social Media management capabilities inbuilt. You do not need additional plugins or tools to optimize your content – Stackk does that automatically. We understand that your business needs to be on Social Media. Stackk’s integrated social media management features let your users share content and help you monitor activity.

These features are over and above the core marketing features, lead management, and multi-channel engagement. Stackk is a 360-degree platform to manage your content, social presence, customer engagement, lead management, and core marketing. Stackk uses Mautic, an open-source robust marketing automation framework, to let you design and build a delightful experience for your customers.

Updated on July 6, 2020

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