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Step 8: Configuring SMTP for your Marketing Emails

You need to configure your SMTP settings before you can start sending marketing emails using the Marketing Suite powered by Mautic. You can configure SMTP from your Marketing Suite > Settings > Configuration > Email Settings.

These are general instructions for configuring SMTP on your Marketing Suite powered by Mautic. If you need specific guides such as “Setting up Stackk Marketing Suite with AWS SES”, please refer to the Admin Guide.

To configure SMTP settings for your marketing suite:

  1. From your marketing suite, select Settings > Configuration.
  2. Click Email settings

3. In the Mail Send Settings area, enter the basic details such as name, email address, and bounce address.

4. Select the service to use when sending emails.. In this example, we will use Other SMTP Server.

5. Enter the details required for the SMTP service, such as host, port, encryption type, and authentication mode.

6. Click Test Connection to ensure that the connection is working.

Congratulations! Your Stackk setup is now complete.

Updated on July 6, 2020

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