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Step 7: Configuring Custom Domains for your WordPress and Marketing Sites

This step is optional. For example, if you want to blog – and you are comfortable with your blog being accessible only on a Stackk sub-domain such as yourblog.stackk.us, you can skip this step.

You can set custom domains for both your WordPress site and the Marketing site. When you set custom domains, Stackk will automatically configure your custom domain with SSL.
The ability to set custom domains is not available on Free Forever plans.  Please choose a full-featured plan that allows you to set custom domains.

Prerequisites for configuring custom domains:

  1. Decide what custom domains you want to set for your WordPress & Marketing sites. 

Here is an example:

SiteStackk DomainCustom Domain
WordPress Sitemarketingcircle.stackk.uswww.marketingcircle.org
Marketing Sitem-marketingcircle.stackk.usm.marketingcircle.org

We encourage you to write down your Stackk URLs and Custom Domains for your sites:

SiteStackk DomainCustom Domain
WordPress Site

Marketing Site

2. Login in to your WordPress admin, navigate to Sidebar -> Stackk -> Custom Domain, and note down your frontend URL. In our case of marketingcircle, the frontend URL was frontend.stackk.us

3. Set CNAMEs in your DNS Manager

a. Go to the DNS Manager of your domain – it could be GoDaddy, AWS Route 53 or some other DNS provider.

b. Add two records to your DNS – one for each of the WordPress site and Marketing / Mautic site. Each of these should point to the frontend URL identified in the previous step.

In case of marketingcircle, we added these two CNAME records to our DNS on AWS Route 53:

Configuring a custom domain:

  1. Go to your WP Admin dashboard.
  2. On the left sidebar, navigate to Stackk > Custom Domain

If the Mautic domain name and Stackk domain name fields are disabled for you, then your plan does not allow you to set custom domains. Please upgrade to a plan that allows setting custom domains.

You can upgrade your subscription plan and update your billing information on the Account page. You can access the account page by logging into the Stackk site with your registered email ID. Alternatively, you can also access the page from WP admin dashboard by clicking on Stackk > Subscription.

3. Enter a domain name for the Mautic domain name (aka Marketing Site) and save the configuration.

4. Enter a domain name in the Stackk domain name (aka WordPress site) and save the configuration.

You will not be able to save the configuration if CNAME is not set up in your domain’s DNS. It may take up to an hour for your CNAMEs to propagate and you will not be able to set the custom domain until CNAME propagation is complete.

Once you save the custom domain configuration, your WordPress will ONLY be accessible via the custom domain.

Note down your URLs again and share those with your teams. Here is how we did it for marketingcircle:

SiteNew URLs with Custom Domain
WordPress Sitewww.marketingcircle.org
WP Adminwww.marketingcircle.org/wp-admin
Marketing Sitem.marketingcircle.org
Updated on July 6, 2020

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