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Step 3: Understanding your WordPress instance on Stackk

Stackk’s managed WordPress site is similar to any WordPress site, but is customized to help you deliver awesome content and drive great customer engagement.

You can manage your site using the WordPress admin dashboard. The dashboard gives you a quick overview of all the details for your WordPress website:

You can manage most of your WordPress site from the sidebar.

Stackk adds additional menu items specific to it to help you manage your marketing:

The following let you configure the various aspects of your marketing journey:

  • Mautic: Access your Marketing Suite.
  • Segments: Define and manage your customer segments.
  • Campaigns: Create, run, and monitor your customer engagement campaigns.
  • Forms: Create, manage, collect, and analyze form data.
  • Emails: Design, and deliver engaging emails.
  • Focus Items: Drive user actions on your website, landing pages and more.
  • Stackk: Manage Stackk settings.
  • Stackk > Custom Domain: Configure the custom domain for your WordPress and Marketing content.

Updated on July 6, 2020

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