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Step 2: Review your WordPress site and Marketing Suite URLs

We create the WordPress site, integrate it with a Marketing Suite powered by Mautic, and configure it to include the best of class plugins so that you can deliver a great experience to your customers. You can manage the website like any other WordPress site. You can use a custom domain of your choice by subscribing to one of our full-featured plans.

Stackk provisions your WordPress site and automatically configures it so that you can start using it right away. The Provisioning page (and the Welcome email) includes links to your WordPress site and the Marketing Suite powered by Mautic. Please check both the links, login and explore your instance.

As an example, when we provision our marketingcircle instance on stackk.us:

  • Our marketingcircle site is at https://marketingcircle.stackk.us
  • Our marketingcircle WordPress Admin is at https://marketingcircle.stackk.us/wp-admin
  • Our Marketing Suite is at https://m-marketingcircle.stackk.us

You can also reach us at support@stackk.com for any questions that you may have.

Updated on July 6, 2020

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